Thursday, May 15, 2014

Elf Pixie Hat Inspired Natural Baby Bonnet

Hi all, this is my first crochet pattern to share with you all and I'm so excited! I made this for my brother's unborn son and I can't wait to see him wearing it! 

I'm inspired by the famous Crochet Elf Pixie Hat and the interesting texture of sc-dc combination on a dishcloth shared by I thought the combination of these 2 pieces would be perfect and it's really lovely!

It's an easy pattern even for beginners.


It's suitable for newborn as well as infant up to 6 months old.


About 40g of natural tone (ombre brown-grey) polyester worsted weight yarn (brand unknown)
A little bit of white yarn (probably less than 10g)
Crochet hook 4mm and 5mm.


(Abbreviation: st-stitch, ch-chain)

Let's begin!


Row 1: Chain 43 with a 5mm crochet hook. Then, using 4mm crochet hook, skip first 2 st, 1 dc into each ch. (41 st). The reason I chained with a bigger hook as I always found that my foundation chains are too tight compared with the first few rows. You may disregard this if you don't have any problem with it.
Row 2: Ch 2. *fpdc on the first dc st below, then bpdc and repeat from *.
Row 3: Ch 2. *sc and dc into the first st, skip the next st and repeat from * until the end of this row. 
Row 4: Ch 2, skip the first sc-dc combination below, sc and dc into the second sc-dc combination on the row below.

Repeat row 3 and 4 (I repeated each row by 9 times) until you have a rectangle that is formed by 2 squares, I followed classy crochet's suggestion by folding in half, then folding the square(s) into a triangle to see if the edges line up. 

Edge: I used white yarn and sc into each st. It'd be nicer if I could find any fluffy yarn. =(
Fold your hat into halves and slip stitch at the last row of sc-dc combination.

Chin strap
Ch 30 (I think I've overestimated the size of a baby's jaw, lol, you may chain less eg. ch 20).
Then 1 sc in each st down one side, 5 sc into the end, hdc down the other side, 5 sc into the end and slip st to the beginning.
2 sc into a st, 1 sc into a st, 2 sc into a st and 1 sc into each st until 3 st from another end, then 2 sc into a st, 1 sc into a st, 2 sc into a st. Repeat this for the other side.
Edge: Turn to the wrong side. Reverse sc (crab st) from left to right. I prefer the look of the wrong side of crab st, anyway, you may work on the right side if you like the right side.
Leave a tail at the beginning and the end so you can sew one end to the hat, and use the other tail to sew the button onto the strap.  
You may also use a contrasting colour yarn like I did. By the way, I didn't make any button holw as the hols at the end of first row is big enough.

It's my first ever written pattern. I hope you enjoy it and please kindly let me know if you find any mistake. If you find my design lovely and you want to sell item made according tot this design, you're welcome to do so but please do not resell this pattern as I'd like it to remain free. Thanks!

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