Friday, October 18, 2013

Dinner For A Chill Autumn Night

Hi everyone. Typhoon Wipha has just moved away from Tokyo. As the place where my husband (aka Mr. S) and I stay is quite near to Tokyo, the typhoon hit our place too.

And to satisfied our tummy during this post-typhoon cold autumn night (well, it's considered cold as we are both from Malaysia where the only season is summer throughout the year), I cook porridge (top left), tamago (top right) (I bought from OK store, I just sprinkle some wolfberry and reheat using microwave, hehe), stir fried pumpkin and crab mushroom and stir fried soy-ginger chicken.

Recipe of Porridge
100 grammes of salmon
50 grammes of pork
Chopped pumpkin
A stalk of celery
Half stalk of scallion
Pepper & Soya sauce

  1. I cooked rice first and pour the cooked rice into a pot filled with hot water (the reason being, firstly, gas is super expensive here compared to Malaysia, secondly I found it hard to have the porridge texture with Japanese rice compared to Southeast Asian rice).
  2. Put the fish and pork and cook for about 5 minutes (just to ensure that the meat is well cooked).
  3. Then, pour in the rest of ingrediant and season with pepper and soya sauce.
Stir fried pumpkin with crab mushroom
  1. Heat up the pan and fry garlic until its aroma appears.
  2. Then, pour in pumpkin and mushroom, add some water (over the pumpkin) and soya sauce and fry until the pumpkin is tender (usually when the water is almost dry, the pumkin is tender then).
Stir fried soy-ginger chicken
  1. Heat up the pan and fry the ginger.
  2. Then, fry the chicken until its almost cooked.
  3. Season with soya sauce, thick soya sauce and sugar and you're done. =)

This is one of my very first cooking experiment. I kinda thrilled when the dishes have gain Mr. S's compliments. Please excuse me if I sound naively ignorant over cooking findings *blushed*.

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